Swiss Tournaments


A Swiss tournament lasting 6-8 rounds, depending on the number of participants.  The top 8 players will advance to a single elimination playoff.  The tie-breaker is strength of schedule, i.e,. the Buchholz system used by challonge.

Players will play one game per round, and each round will last4 days.  Games not completed within 4 days will be counted as a tie subject to the commissioner’s discretion.


  • 120 pts per win (+60 points for a bye)
  • +50 points for participating
  • +60 points for anyone that missed the playoff that was tied with a player that did make the playoff
  • In the Top 8
    • +120 pts for 5-8th place
    • +240 pts for 3-4th place
    • +360 pts for 2nd place
    • +540 pts for 1st place


Season 1, Event 1 – Format VW-BF2KA

Season 1, Event 8 – Format W-G1C2


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