Single Elimination Tournaments


Each season of the Circuit includes several simple single elimination tournament.  Players play a single game each round, with the winner advancing.


1st Place 2nd Place Round of 4 Round of 8 Round of 16 Round of 32 Round of 642 Round of 1282 Participant Bonus
1350 910 610 405 270 180 120 80 +50

1 If there are 64 or less participants, these point values will be reduced by 20%.

2A player receives no points for merely starting in the round of 64 or 128, such as through a bye or based on the number of players. Other than the participation bonus, you must win to earn points.


Season 1, Event 2 – Format V-G1BEHF (Top Row)

Season 1, Event 9 – Format V-KA