Cbusripper Grand Slam


The second Grand Slam of a season is the Ships & Bases “Cbusripper”1 Grand Slam, played with all sets and expansions that include ships and base cards (VW-1BF2KA).

Grand Slams are a single elimination tournament, each round being best of 3.  Players will have 5 days to complete each round, which will likely require playing multiple games at once.

1This Grand Slam is named after Cbusripper, the first player to win this Grand Slam. It  will retain that name unless and until someone wins this event more than once.


1st Place 2nd Place Round of 4 Round of 8 Round of 16 Round of 32 Round of 641 Round of 1281 Participation Bonus
2050 1350 910 610 405 270 180 120 +60

1 A player receives no points for merely starting in the round of 64 or 128, such as through a bye or based on the number of players. You must win to earn points.


Season 1