Season 2 Changes

Schedule for Season 2

Summary of Changes to Schedule:

  • Changed order, e.g., starting with Round Robin instead of Swiss
  • Changed most formats
  • Replaced one of the Single Elimination events with a Double Elimination
  • The Single Elimination & Grand Slams will have a consolation bracket.  More details below.


1.  2-Stage Round Robin (W-C2KUA)
2.  Double Elimination (V-G1BEHF)
3.  Grand Slam (W(R))
4.  Swiss (V(R)-1EFCKA)1
5. Grand Slam (VW(R)-1BF2KA)
6.  Double Elimination (W-2M)
7.  Grand Slam (VW(R)-G1BEHFC2KUA)
8.  Swiss (V-GBH2U)
9.  Single Elimination (VW-HU)
10.  4-Tier Finals (VW(R)-GBFCKA)

1(R) means that Frontiers will be add to this format if that expansion is officially available in the app and out of beta testing.

Consolation Brackets

Consolation brackets are added to Single Elimination and Grand Slam Events.

  • Those who lose in the main bracket are added to the consolation bracket, in the same way they would be added to a loser’s bracket in double elimination.
  • The main bracket still determines 1st place, 2nd place, etc., for the event.
  • It is an opportunity for those bounced early from a single elimination event to still earn some points.

Note: A consolation bracket is not added to the Tier 4 Final Single Elimination Event.

Scoring Changes

Summary of Changes to Scoring:

  • For bracket scoring, scoring for each round increases by a factor of 1.4 instead of 1.5.  So wins in the lower rounds are worth a little more points.
  • Events with more risk of earning no points, such as single elimination, have higher participation points compared to events like Swiss where it is easier to earn points.
  • Consolation Brackets Scoring
    • Grand Slams = 60 pts per win in consolation bracket
    • Single Elimination = 40 pts per win in consolation bracket

Click Here to See Full Season 2 Scoring

Grand Slam Naming

  • Among those that have won a particular Grand Slam, that event will be named after whomever has earned the most lifetime points in that Grand Slam.  Points earned in Consolation Brackets will not count.

Other Misc Event Changes

  • Tier 1-3 Finals are best-of-3 during Group Play
  • In Swiss events top 12 advance to Stage 2 (instead of Top 8)
  • Round Robin Event Tie-breaker
    • 1st tie-breaker = record against tied opponents
    • 2nd tie-breaker = player rank
      • Those who do not advance due to the 2nd tie-break will receive a +105 pt bonus
    • [This does not apply to their Tier 1-3 finals which are also round robin…those tie-breakers will not change]