ENDGAME, Act 2: Rules

78 heroes across 6 teams assembled to stop Thanos. Each of the 6 teams fought at a different location to try to stop Thanos.  But in the battle for the Infinity Stones Thanos killed 28 heroes, sending them to the Underworld.  With all 6 Infinity Stones, Thanos then wiped from existence 25 more heroes with the Snap of his fingers, trapping them in the Soul Stone.

The remaining 25 heroes, meeting on Earth, discovered a way to use the Quantum Realm to travel back in time and stop Thanos from ever getting the Infinity Stones in the first place.  Realizing this, Thanos attacked the heroes on Earth, killing 6 more.

Meanwhile the heroes dispatched to the Underworld and Soul Stone had a little fight left in them.  4 heroes managed to defeat Hela and escape the Underworld.  4 more heroes slipped past Baby Gamora’s soul to escape the Soul Stone.

The 19 survivors of the Battle on Earth, joined by 8 more that managed to escape the Underworld or Soul Stone, are ready to enact their plan: to go back in time and stop Thanos from ever getting the Infinity Stones…to undo everything he did.

Each team will return to the location at which they originally fought Thanos over the Infinity Stones.  But this time, have already lived through the battle once, will they stop Thanos?


Objective – 2 alternative win conditions

  1. Be the first team to defeat Thanos by reducing his health to zero (0)1
    •  Tie-breaker
      • If 2 teams reduce Thanos to 0 health in the same round, the team that exceeded Thanos’ health by the most wins. E.g., If Team 1 knocks Thanos to 0 health and Team 2 knocks Thanos to -1 health…Team 2 wins.
      • If still tied, the team that started Act 2 with the least Team Points wins.
  2. Be the last surviving team
    • If all remaining teams are defeated in the same round, the lowest performing team member (based on # of wins) from each team is removed (unless he/she is their team’s only remaining player) and the round is replayed.
    • If this is repeated 3 rounds without a winner, the team that started Act 2 with the least Team Points wins.

1If a team defeats Thanos and is defeated in the same round, that team still wins, even if there is another team still alive. The ultimate goal is to defeat Thanos.

Thanos’ Starting Health

  • Thanos’ health at each location = 30 minutes your Team Points going into Act 2

Fighting Thanos

  • Played 1 round at a time
  • A Round
    • Each hero challenges Thanos (bryistupid & Darklighter), following their location’s format requirements
    • Thanos also challenges each hero, following location format restrictions
    • So each hero will play 4 games per round (2 against bryistupid & 2 against Darklighter)
    • 1 week to complete a round

Doing Thanos Damage

  • Each win = 1 damage (e.g., Team 1 has 4 players that each go 2-2 = 8 damage against Thanos)
  • Bonus Team Point (TP) = +1 damage against Thanos
    • Last Stand Bonus = If the last hero on your team, each round you survive add +1 to your damage against Thanos
    • Critical Hit Bonus = 84+ pt differential (non-missions game)…add +1 to your damage against Thanos
      • The critical hit level will drop each round by 10 until it reaches 44.
    • Mission Bonus = Complete 3 Missions…add +1 to your damage
      • Warning: If Thanos wins by completing 3 missions…subtract 1 from your round score

Hero Deaths

  • If a hero wins less than 2 games in a round, he/she is defeated and does not advance to the next round with their team.

Repeating Rounds

  • Rounds are repeated until a team achieves one of the Objectives listed above.  That team is the winner.

Ultimate Hero

  • The player on the winning team that earned the most Victory Points across this Event (Infinity War, Endgame Act 1, Endgame Act 2)
  • How to Earn Victory Points
    • Infinity War
      • +1 for each name removed from the pool
    • Endgame – Act 1
      • +1 if 2-0 against Thanos
      • +1 if Escape from Soul Stone or Underworld
      • +1 if 100+ pt differential against Thanos, Hela, or Baby Gamora’s Soul
      • -1 if conceded to guarantee survival
    • Endgame – Act 2
      • +1 for each Last Stand, Critical Hit, or Mission Bonus earned
      • -1 if Thanos beats you by completing 3 missions
      • +2 if 4-0 against Thanos in a round
      • +1 if 3-1 against Thanos in a round


Wakanda – Must include W & H (no V)

  • Team: Avengers
    • Ant-man (Hockeygirl)
    • Ms. Marvel (Hypaspist)
    • Black Widow (ciago)
    • Thor (Starcell 7515)
    • Wasp (Bruiser13)
  • Team Points = 2
  • Thanos Starting Health = 28

New York – Must include at least 10 sets, including E, H, U

  • Team: Defenders
    • Dr. Strange (paulsalomon)
    • Deadpool (Deegan)
    • Squirrel Girl (Av3nger)
  • Team Points = 3
  • Thanos Starting Health = 27

Knowhere – Must include exactly 4 sets

  • Team: Fantastic 4 & More
    • Thing (stips)
    • Spider-Woman (kennfusion)
    • Scarlet Witch (SilentAl)
  • Team Points = 0
  • Thanos Starting Health = 30

Xandar – Must include at least 11 sets, including B, F, 2, K, A

  • Team: Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Nova (TaelBE)
    • Captain Marvel (Niels85)
    • Gamora (jkmno)
    • Yondu (MightyStig)
    • Nebula (Tyraziel)
    • Kitty Pryde (MTGirl)
  • Team Points = 3
  • Thanos Starting Health = 27

Vormir – Must include 4 or less sets, including V

  • Team: Villains
    • Grandmaster (Tunaslap)
    • Loki (bbygurl)
    • Venom (ColinMacLeod)
    • Kingpin (Mattrick)
    • Mr. Sinister (onecarless)
    • Doctor Octopus (Poopface)
  • Team Points = -5
  • Thanos Starting Health = 35

Titan – Must include 1 & (G and/or C)

  • Team: X-men
    • Angel (AzorAhaiMark)
    • Beast (Ominous)
    • Nightcrawler (wrip)
    • Storm (Bungo)
  • Team Points = 6
  • Thanos Starting Health = 24